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Hi, my name is Laura and I teach yoga at TMTS and TMTC.

At the heart of Special Yoga is the quality of the therapeutic practice that we provide.  We therefore ensure through our certified training programmes and Continued Professional Development, mentoring and peer to peer support that our Special Yoga practitioners provide a service of excellence. 

Special Yoga’s methodology includes the classical yoga practises of movement, breathing, deep relaxation, as well as sound, rhythm, massage, and sensory integration techniques.  We meet every child both in our group and in our individual sessions with a pure intention to create a practise that will encourage their fullest potential. We celebrate the strength within each child and work from there. When the child is taken out of stress and into a relaxed state, it creates the optimum condition for the possibility of positive change. 

  • Benefits

Yoga is a 5000 year old practice of mind, body and spirit.  We see innumerable benefits on all levels of the child’s being. Many studies have been carried out regarding the impact that yoga and mindfulness has on the wellbeing of all who practise. 

Specific benefits include: 

  • o Reduction in stress and anxiety.
  • o improved resilience
  • o developing the ability to self-regulate across environments and demands
  • o developing balance and the ability to relax and release tension, fear and frustration
  • o improved self- awareness: both body and mind
  • o Improved motor planning and control
  • o improved immune function
  • o improved quality and quantity of sleep
  • o enhanced respiratory ability and capacity
  • o enhanced sense of wellbeing, calm and peace
  • o creating emotional balance

If you have any questions please contact the school! 

  Laura, Yoga teacher

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