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"The transition to adulthood is supported employment and becoming independent.  That is our goal for our students"

  At The Michael Tippett College we have worked hard to support the transition from school to further education by working with parents in working towards meeting our aims and out expectations. We recognise that college is a big change for our students and that we all must prepare for this by working together.

Further information around our provision and your involvement as a parent/carer can be found here

 A parent check list for college can be found here.

Letter to parents May 31st 2017: Information about our community partners which offer support for disabled people and their families, including employment support.

Parents Quotes

Hi, yesterday I saw L...... with the group of College out of the café, I was around too.I just didn't go near you India to not distract L...... or another student.

But I really like seeing how she behaves herself without me. She looks so independent and happy with S.... Thank you so much!

It was a very nice coincidence!

                                                      A parent

Photo gallery

 Parents have been busy visiting our students at their workplaces. Look!