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During this time its especially important to stay active. Exercising in the home is easy and can be  be a fun way to spend time with the family! You can enjoy these activities if they are on your home timetable or not... 


Home PE with Joe Wicks


Personal Trainer Joe Wicks is donating all profits from his daily online PE lesson to the NHS. That means every click is supporting those who are looking after our most needy. Click on the picture below and choose your work out. This is only suitable for our most mobile students



Dance- Easy dance routines to learn

Who doesn't love to dance? learn these simpler routines to stay active and have fun!


Body Moves/Yoga with Sensory Stories

Many of students, especially those on the sensory curriculum love moving and engaging with a sensory story.  Other students love relaxing and learning about how their body moves with more traditional methods. Enjoy the videos below and find out which is your child's favourite!




 Confident Movers  and Coordination

If your child, or maybe you, are slightly more confident in movement and coordination these videos can help keep them keep active and improve their strength, movement and balance skills!