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Volunteering at TMTS and TMTC

We are excited to have a flourishing volunteer scheme. Working with those interested and/or experienced in the field of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), we are providing quality experiences to individuals with unique skills and abilities to connect to our student group. We use inclusive activities such as yoga, music and sports to embody a holistic curriculum of support.

Here is what 3 of our volunteers had to say:

Dino’s Story -



I have always been interested in working with Learning Disabilities, Youth Offenders and those with challenging behaviour. I spent time volunteering on a Health, Social Care and Mental Health course to develop myself. And when the opportunity to work at an SEN school came up, I jumped at the chance. Initially spending a year at the school in a volunteer TA role, later I spent a further 6 months at college enhancing my skills in Carpentry and facilitating quality sessions with the young people.


Now I am employed as a permanent member of staff and work across the school and college in so many exciting ways. My personal challenge with Dyslexia and an education system I did not understand has given me great insight into the needs of our students. I’m happy in my job and will probably always be working within the caring profession.

Sonia's Story -

Following years foster caring, I became more interested in working within an SEN school. Agencies told me that I needed experience and having reached out, The Michael Tippett School was the place I had the most hopes about. I think I’m one of the first volunteers in the school and spent 4 months really learning the ropes in unpaid work before I became employed by an agency.


Since then I haven’t looked back and the skills and experiences I have gained have made me even more invested in our school community. I’ve topped up my qualifications too and as a Teaching Assistant, I’m now also the Speech and Language classroom link, a First Aider and the ICT Coordinator.




Louise's Story -



Having initially joined the school wary about working with the young people, I mainly did admin work. But seeing the love and care the students were surrounded by, I wanted to be more involved. After 3 months, the school agreed to support my interests in performing arts working directly with students. At the start, I moved around a lot but really gained from working with Post-16 students and their challenges.


Ultimately I now love my job! So much so I am now pursuing a BA Degree in Teaching and Education Studies applying theory to my rich practical experiences which all came from volunteering at The Michael Tippett School.

An invaluable element of our volunteer scheme is the diligent recruitment agencies we work with to promote safe recruitment and best practice. Our partnerships offer key insight in to the rewarding career opportunities of the SEND secondary sector.

As a volunteer you gain access to training and a 3 day placement at the school or college to help you decide if this field is right for you. You will and gain a sense of the effort and confidence required to work some of our most vulnerable students in the school and community settings.

For the opportunity to volunteer as a Teaching Assistant, please contact Jason@tmts.lambeth.sch.uk.