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Friends of TMTS

Our Parent, Teacher and Friend's Association (called Friends of TMTS) supports the voice of those with vested interest in the students attending TMTS. As of January 2018, we are also proud to be recognised as a Registered Charity.

Elected members and Trustees are responsible for contributions to various events, fund raising and lobbying in the school to improve the environment for our students and everyone. We meet monthly and will be holding our next AGM this coming April 23rd 2018. To become a committee member or get involved, please contact friends@tmts.lambeth.sch.uk.


Friends of TMTS Trustees

Chairman and parent - Cecil

Vice Chair and parent - Tekie

Trustee and school staff - Haddy 


Treasurer and parent- Selamawit


Secretary and relative - Jenny 


Trustee and school staff - Jason



Jenny on Friends of TMTS

Being part of Friends of TMTS is an exciting opportunity to get a greater feel for how TMTS works. To have a chance to make an impact no matter how small, is truly rewarding to me. 

I would like to see more parents/ careers being involved in the PTFA. Although, I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all the parents/ carers who show interest and help when they can. If everyone did something tiny such as donating, volunteering, showing up to meetings or just sending in their thoughts/ opinions  our PTFA will be amazing. 

So far we have helped to generate money through fundraisers and are currently working on obtaining charity status. At the moment we are raising money in order to purchase very expensive but much needed equipment for the school. 


Summer Fair 2017

The Friends of TMTS hosted our first ever Summer Fair at the end of June which was a huge success and raised £2707.92 for our mobility drive!



Since the Summer Fair, Committee members and Charity trustees have been dedicated to continuing with the phenomenal fund raising efforts we have already seen. We are grateful to have had the unwavering support of a corporate donor, local businesses and a gentleman who has been pivotal for our growth. John has been dedicated to and passionate about all the work the school does and thanks to his contributions, we have achieved our fundraising target of...

and are one of the official named Charities of 2018 for...


This will mean that over the course of the year, Barings Sports and Social Committee will be organising and hosting a series of fundraising events. The proceeds of these will be combined and shared with the Friends of TMTS Charity January 2019. We are looking forward to partnering with Barings this year and are excited that the funds raised will go towards improving the school and the experiences of those within it as decided by Friends of TMTS.

...and all else involved. Please follow and support us on our journey forward.