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Partnerships at Michael Tippett

Thank you for visiting our Partnerships page and taking an active interest in our efforts to promote our students being the best versions of themselves. With a rich support network of family, friends, teachers and support staff at home, school and college, we are privileged to see all the hard work and dedication our students give to being educated. This leads to amazing outcomes in their learning, communication and social skills, exploration of senses and improved independence delivered by our robust curriculum.

At The Michael Tippett School and College, we are always looking for new and exciting ways to help our diverse student group explore and learn from the wider community, developing new skills and confidence along the way. Bridging this gap means a wider community responsibility to offer new and immersive opportunities to all young people wanting to learn. This is especially important for those from the Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) communities where adapted models of education and skill acquisition involve creativity and innovation.

Please take time to look at some of our historical and recent partnerships and consider how you or your organisation may be able to support our vision for improving the opportunities our 11 – 19 year old school and 19 – 25 year old college students may be able to access both within the school, college and wider community. Thank you. 

We are proud to have many ways in which TMTS and TMTC offer and access partnership opportunities for all our students.

Our parents/carers and other dedicated supporters of the cause are too many to name but below outlines a few ways we achieve our goals.

About Partnerships

The Family and Friends of TMTS

The Partnership Network and Community Fundraising

College Partnerships

Volunteering at TMTS and TMTC

Lambeth Local Authority on Partnerships

If you have an opportunity you would like to put to the team, please get in touch with Jason on the school's contact details below.

Thank you.