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Hi, my name is Haddy and I work as Welfare Officer at The Michael Tippett School and College.  

Parents/Carers are always important and even more so at The Michael Tippett School. Parents/ carers are often the only voices our students have and it is therefore crucial we work together collaboratively. Also, parents/carers are a child’s first teacher and the expert in many ways.

"Families play a critical role in the education of their children. Working with the school, parents and caregivers can help create collaborative partnerships that support all aspects of a child’s achievements at school". Parental Involvement: The Missing Link in School Achievement (Larocque, Kleinman and Darling, 2011)

I support parents/carers and their children by signposting to local services and organisations. This include help with referrals and applications e.g. SEND transport, PIP, DLA, Young Carers.

 I work closely with our in-house Multiagency Team, CAMHS and Children with Disabilities Team to further ensure families have the right all-round care in place.

Many joys comes with being a parent/ carer but it can sometimes also be hard and challenging. Parents and caregivers well-being is important and we are looking to offer sessions which can support this e.g. yoga, massage, gardening, family arts and crafts sessions and cooking clubs. If you have any wishes or ideas of how we can further support parents please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

Haddy, Welfare Officer