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Multidisciplinary Team

The MDT is made up of range of professionals from a variety of different disciplines with the aim of holistically supporting all pupils at The Michael Tippett School.

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MDT Mission Statement 

The MDT at The Michael Tippet School work to:

  • Promote and support Teaching.
  • Support the community around the student.
  • Ensure that the physical environment around the student is appropriate.
  • Promote a holistic view of the student, emphasising their strengths and understanding their needs.
  • Provide specialist support and advice within all areas of a student’s Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP):
    •  Cognition and Learning
    •  Communication and Interaction
    •  Sensory and Physical
    •  Social Emotional and Mental Health
    •  Independence and Community Involvement


How does the MDT work? 

All MDT members work together and with school staff to ensure the delivery of the provision outlined in a student’s Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). 

Members of the MDT meet weekly to discuss key changes to the school and young people’s circumstances. Students could be bought to the attention of the MDT for any reason. This could be as a student has met or exceeded their targets, that a student is finding a certain element of school challenging, or the content of their EHCP Annual Review.

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As a team we welcome any ideas for future projects or alternative therapies. Should you wish to contact about this, or anything else please contact jack@tmts.lambeth.sch.uk