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 My name is Carl Davies and I  a  visiting tutor and supervisor in the music therapy department at the guildhall school of music and drama. I work one day a week at the Michael Tippett school.    

I am a member of the British Association of Music Therapists and am registered with the Health Professions Council

Music therapy is a form of arts psychotherapy which uses music as well as verbal interaction as a medium for expressing and communicating the emotions and stories we have about ourselves and others. 

Music therapy uses music making, improvising, songs and therapeutic dialogue to help children to explore their experience and work around conscious and unconscious behaviours.

I use a child-centred approach. This allows the child to create the direction for therapy by exploring whatever issues they bring to the sessions. Non-verbal children may benefit from a number of musical techniques which allow them to feel deeply listened to, held and even challenged within the music itself. More verbal children may develop more linguistic ability as their emotional awareness develops.

Issues we work with may include self esteem, isolation, friendship, moving through puberty, communication skills, motor skills, challenging behaviour and developing healthy emotional expression.

If you have any questions please contact haddy@tmts.lamebth.sch.uk

Carl, Music Therapist