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Setting up Zoom

please click on the photo below for a video of how to set up Zoom


What do I need?

A laptop, pc, tablet or phone.

An active email account 

internet access

How do I set up an account?
  • If you are on a laptop or PCgo go to https://zoom.us/signup. If you are on a tablet or phone download the Zoom app on to your phone the follow the instructions within the app. 
  • you should receive an email from Zoom asking you to 'Please activate your Zoom account.'
  • Click on the link and add your details. 


What next?

You should receive an email from your child's teacher giving you details of Zoom address and password. 

When you have that set up you should be able to meet with the rest of the class each morning!


What if I have issues?

Please contact your child's class teacher I am sure they will be happy to help or email jack@tmts.lambeth.sch.uk