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College - Working From Home

 The summer term has begun and unfortunately, the college building is still closed.   The good news is though the building is closed, the college teaching timetable is going virtual!   

As the College is currently closed, we have moved lessons and resources online.  Since your child is now learning from home we developed a timetable with lessons that cover the main subjects at the college (Art and Enterprise, The Bakehouse, Carpentry, The College Cafe and Sports) as well as their functional skills sessions. Our group leaders and instructors have set students' personal targets, linked to their' EHCPs and skills specific to each subject.   

 Each week we will provide a preview of the lesson topics and required resources.  Each of the subject links will have more specific details of the activities that our instructors will be teaching for the listed week.  These instructor pages are updated regularly.  Please visit them prior to your session to be best prepared for the session's activities. You can access the College subject webpages by clicking on the image below.

WE recognise this continuing lockdown is a challenging time for families.  Please use your daily wellbeing/welfare calls as an opportunity for support, but also to share any feedback about the online instructor session and any other aspect of our virtual college.  Aternatively, you can email us contact@tmtc.org.uk or call us on 0207 326 5890.

If you would like to send any photos of your child working please send them to contact@tmtc.org.uk If you would like to share them on twitter please add us to their learning www.twitter.com/@tippettcollege.  


Summer Term Update #13 - 06/07/2020


Hello parents, carers and students!  We hope that everyone has had a safe and relaxing weekend.


We have had an exciting couple of weeks at the college.  We have fantastic meetings for our new Bridge to Work students sharing what is to come next year and for current Bridge to Work students to what opportunities are available after they leave the college.  Thank you again Natasha and Lisa for organising! We have had more of our new students joining us in our online sessions and producing great work! As always, a big thanks goes to our parents and carers for your support during the online sessions for not only this week but for the past 3 months.  The success of our online college would not be possible without all of your work, care and commitment! 

Notices for This  week

  • Updated Guidance for education and health  - As many of you know, the guidance for schools and colleges was updated last Thursday.  As a result, we are currently updating and adjusting our September reopening plans and will be providing an update in the coming weeks. In terms of health,  many of our students and families are still shielding as the guidance does not lift until 1st August. We will be thinking of you as the term comes to an end. We expect to have as many of you still participate online with all the end of term activities and celebrations.


  • Last week of online lessons -  this week will be the last week of online lessons.  (Welfare calls will continue until Friday 17th July).  On Thursday afternoon, we will be hosting an end of term celebration for amazing work our students have achieved this year, especially since we took our lessons online.  We will celebrate the achievements of the Buckingham Palace and Shard students from 13:00-13:25 and follow that by celebrating the achievements of the London Eye, o2 and Buckingham Palace students from 13:30-13:55. Students can share their favourite piece or pieces of work that have made in the past 12 weeks. Additionally,  we will also be having a college bakeoff on Thursday with cakes that students will make in their cafe and bakehouse lessons during the week!


  • Slight timetable changes - as mentioned last week Dino, (due to helping prepare the school and college for reopening in September) will not be teaching this week and the end of year celebration that on Thursday, there are a couple of changes.  The London Eye, o2 and Tate Modern cafe lesson will be Monday morning and the lessons that normally take place on Thursday afternoon will be replaced by the end of year celebrations.
  • College Talks -  our last college talks meeting takes place on the 9th July.  Our theme this half term is centered around Black Lives Matter.  We are looking forward to seeing what our students have created! 


  • Leavers celebration - This week we will have some of our Bridge to Work students coming to the college for a celebration of their time at the college.  We are excited to finally have some students back in the college building!  We have dressed up the college accordingly (thanks Corey!) and cannot wait for next week to begin.  For those that cannot make their group's designated celebration day, not to worry as we will stream the celebration via zoom 🙂


  • Collection of Resources -  Early this week we will email a list of Art and Carpentry resources we would like to collect before the summer term ends. 




Timetable - Parents

Time Table - Parents 

Timetable - Students 

Time Table - Students

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