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Summer Term  

Summer Term 2 - Black Lives Matter

College Talks - Windrush Day - 22 June 2020

This celebration acknowledges the Windrush Generations who moved to the UK to help in the rebuilding efforts after the Second World War and their continued contribution to the NHS and other key service workforces, such as our college. 


Click on the image below for an information pack about the Windrush that you can share and read with your child. 

Included in the information pack you will find lyrics to the official Windrush 2020 song, "You Can Get It If You Really Want It" by Demond Dekker.  You can find the recording of the song via the link below.  We hope to sing this during our last College Talk's session on 09 July 2020!


College Talks - Activities Information for 09 July 2020

To show our support, we are asking students to (these are completely voluntary) complete will two activities and share them when we host the college's final college talks on Thursday 9th July.


Please read the sensory story "Along Came a Different" with your child before starting on the activities.  Click on the image below to download the story

The activities are listed below.  Please click on your child's teaching group to download the information pack that supports the activities.




Activity #1


Activity 2 - Four options to chose from!

.            .                  



Summer Term 1 - International Day of Families

Corey has created an exciting extra-curricular activity for college talks. 
The theme will be the International Day of Families

Parents, carers, and students, please click on the image below read the booklet Corey has made to support this activity. The activity is to make a piece of art that shows your families, friends, or the people you live with.  The booklet will give you different options for the type of art that you can create.


Click the image below to watch a short video to go along the booklet as extra support 



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On Thursday 21st May, we will have a ZOOM college party were students can share the work they have created with their friends and us at the college.

After this, we will have a ZOOM college disco with music. 

Please note this is extra-curricular and will not be a lesson on the Timetable (at the moment). We really don't want to overwhelm parents, carers and students and would like this activity to be something they work on outside of college i.e. weekends, evenings or in-between timetabled sessions