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Admission Arrangements  

For a PDF of the admissions policy please click here

The Michael Tippett College seeks to demonstrate, through its Admissions Procedures, that it is fulfilling its stated mission statement 

To be the best provision possible for our students in order to enable them to develop their full potential for and full active lives, by being passionate, aspirational and creative in our practice”. 


Students attending The Michael Tippett College would not normally be able to access mainstream college provision.   Admission to The Michael Tippett College is dependent on: 

  • aged between 19 and 25 years of age
  • a diagnosis of severe or profound and/complex learning difficulties
  • clear identification of aspirations, destinations and outcomes in accordance with the young person’s Education, Health and Care Plan
  • clear confirmation that The Michael Tippett College can meet these needs and the curriculum and individual study programme will support the desired outcomes and destination
  • successful application for funding via the young person’s home local authority


Any agency or advocate may make an application on behalf of a young person, with the agreement of that individual and/or their primary carer.  Alternatively, where appropriate, the young person themselves may make an application. See the contact details section at the end of this policy.


  • contact us to arrange a visit and you can meet other students in the college
  • we will make the visit as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. After the visit, if you think this may be the right college for you, please contact your local borough.
  • if the college is named as a potential place of education for your young person, the next stages of the assessment process can take place
  • as part of the assessment process, we may make a home visit or a visit to your current school or place of study. This is in order to fully establish your level of ability in a known environment
  • we will also look at information from any previous place of study and any professionals who have worked with you
  • assessment will be undertaken by a multidisciplinary team considering medical, therapeutic and educational needs
  • all students have individual risk assessments to ensure that their needs can are fully met and that they are in a safe and supportive environment, both in college, on work placement and out in the wider community
  • if we feel that The Michael Tippett College can meet your continuing development and aspirations, we will write to you and offer a place.  If this is accepted, we will submit an application for funding to the relevant agencies.  If we don’t believe this to be the case, we will provide a clear explanation of why we think we cannot meet your needs
  • once funding has been confirmed, we will work with you to provide an individual study programme which will support and promote our learning.  This will bere further informed by your expressed or gathered views, hopes and aspirations
  • we will send you an induction pack before you are due to start which tells you everything you need to know about coming to The Michael Tippett College.


 For a discussion regarding admission to The Michael Tippett College,  you can telephone/email the College on 0207 326 5890, Email: contact@tmtc.org.uk        



  • due regard will be paid to equal opportunities and diversity. Referrals from all cultural, ethnic or religious backgrounds are welcomed
  • where it is felt to be appropriate to do so, reasonable adjustments may be put in place in addition to the stated entry criteria to enable admission
  • this policy will be reviewed on a regular basis and will be updated in line with legislation and regulatory guidelines.
  • an offer of a place at The Michael Tippett College is made subject to: 
    • obtaining funding
    • students and parents/carers signing to accept The Michael Tippett College terms and conditions for placement.