Unlocking Potential
Everyone’s Future Counts

School Vision, Ethos and Values

Our Vision:

‘To provide the best provision possible for our students in order to enable them to develop their full potential for full and active lives, by being passionate, aspirational and creative in our practice’.

‘To be an organization that looks after each other’.



Core Values 

  • Respect

  • Enjoyment

  • Unity

  • Success and Achievement

  • Compassion

  • Responsibility


Our Aims :

  • To build a culture of achievement and respect.

  • To nurture and equip all students with a set of moral values – kindness, honesty and good judgement.

  • To provide an engaging curriculum underpinned by creativity and communication.

  • To promote the active involvement of students in teaching and learning.

  • To create pathways of skills and qualifications for successful transition into adulthood.

  • To promote a healthy lifestyle and the development of self-worth.

  • To promote partnerships with parents, professionals and the wider community.

  • To promote active citizenship and a culture of willingness; encouraging students to make a positive contribution to society