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Pupil Premium 2018/19


The Pupil Premium 2018-2019 priorities ensure the best support is in place for maximising progress for the most vulnerable learners in addition to our core provision.

Our core provision places equal access to support services at the heart of its vision. We believe that all students should have their needs met no matter what their individual circumstances.

Through our internal and external monitoring (Challenge Partners, Specialist Learning Collaborative and the Brixton Learning Collaborative) we are proud to say that that learners who are eligible for Pupil Premium Funding are not underachieving in comparison with their peers.  

What Gap is being narrowed?

As there is no notable gap between our Pupil Premium pupils and their peers, we have chosen to invest in supporting learners in meeting the aspirational aims identified in the Education Health and Care Plans.

The aspirational goals are identified in each learners Annual Review and are focused on the schools’ ambition to support students in a holistic manner so that all students can live as independent life as possible.

How is Pupil Premium Funding used?

At The Michael Tippett School we believe that all pupils should have equal access to a wide range of educational and therapeutic experiences. For all pupils to be supported in reaching the targets set out in their Education Health and Care Plans we tailor individualised support programmes which are, in part, funded by Pupil Premium Funding.

What are we investing in?

  • Increased specialist support staff for specific classes with a high % of pupils who qualify for pupil premium funding. This will be targeted to classroom-based interventions with an increased SCERTS focus, Attention Autism training and support, hydrotherapy, rebound therapy, specific MDT support and additional community-based learning.
  • MDT targeted support for parental engagement. This will focus on improving consistencies in a range of strategies between home, school and, we appropriate, community groups.  These sessions are planned through joint working practise and include:
  • Additional resources, intervention sessions, and specialist therapy sessions (Art, Music, to support the development of wellbeing communication, cognition, literacy, independence and life skills.
  • Residential trips, focused visits, and/or Ebony horse-riding sessions to support meaningful engagement in the community and contextualised learning opportunities.







Number of pupils


Secondary Pupil Premium




Looked After Children Pupil Premium

*not identified in class table for identity protection reasons.











What are we investing in for narrowing this gap?



Total Eligible


Funding towards


6 out 7 students


Extra funding towards additional staff to support training, behaviour and learning.


5 out of 7 students


Extra funding towards additional staff to support behaviour and learning.


5 out of 6 students


Funding support for additional physiotherapy support as well as specific SCERTS based behaviour support for key lessons.


5 out of 5 students


Funding made available for ongoing staff training around attention autism as well as specific adaptations to communication strategies.


4 out of 6 students


Funding support for additional physiotherapy support as we


5 out of 6 students


Extra funding towards behaviour and learning support for year 7 students


4 out of 5 students


Targeted Art and Music therapies for students requiring support outside MDTs ‘Universal Offer’


3 out of 4 students


Funding towards SCERTS appreciate enquiry support and training from SaLT and Educational psychologist 

  Monitoring progress:

1)      Throughout the term through the Leadership Mentor monitoring & evaluation process

2)      Through the Finance, Personnel, and Premises Committee on financial regulations and meeting strategic plan.

3)      Through External Evaluation and Peer Evaluation (e.g. Challenge Partners Review, Brixton Learning Collaborative, Specialist Learning Collaborative)