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As you can see our students have been working hard in ICT to produce some amazing galleries for you.

Please enjoy a selection of our recent events.  


A Midsummer Night's Dream

(34 images)

At The Shaw Theatre London, our students were once again amazing and gave the performance of the evening in William Shakespeare's " A Midsummer Night's Dream". Filled with mischief, magic and romance, our modern twist on Shakespeare's classic work was performed to Beatles tunes.

Created: 22 Jun 18 07:08 | Last modified: 22 Jun 18 07:11

Lord Taverner’s Disability Cricket Competition

(31 images)

On Friday 2nd February 2018 our school cricket team yet again challenged themselves in the annual Lord Taverner’s Disability Cricket Competition at the KIA OVAL cricket ground. We faced tough competitors from many of Londons boroughs who performed at a very high skill level. The Michael Tippett School students have proved yet again that they are ready for a challenge and fearlessly faced the opposition. Stars of the day were: Malachi as a bowler, Shaquille as a runner and Adil as a batsman. Most important was the fact that all the students had a wonderful day and they enjoyed each moment of the game. Well done TMTS!!!!!

Created: 21 Feb 18 07:38 | Last modified: 21 Feb 18 07:40

Victoria Class are ready for take off!

(28 images)

In December, Victoria Class visited the Emirates cable car and aviation experience at the Greenwich Peninsula. The cable car ride was amazing and it was such a clear day they could see for miles! At the aviation experience everyone could press buttons and twist knobs with no danger to the other passengers :) A fantastic day was had by all and Victoria Class would definitely give it a thumbs up!

Created: 5 Jan 18 14:06 | Last modified: 8 Jan 18 07:04

A feast, a fair and seasonal fun at TMTS Christmas 2017

(35 images)

With Christmas only days away TMTS celebrate in style. Our winter fair was very successful (raising £947.00), Christmas dinner was delicious and the children, staff and parents Makatonics group performed signed carols for commuters at Loughborough Junction railway station.

Created: 5 Jan 18 14:42 | Last modified: 5 Jan 18 14:46

BMX glory at the Olympic Park

(32 images)

TMTS BMX team have been back in the saddle, this time at the Olympic Park in Stratford. Easily winning the SEN category with two golds, 2 silvers, 2 bronzes and a special award for bravery.

Created: 5 Jan 18 13:52 | Last modified: 5 Jan 18 13:53


(49 images)

During the Autumn term, some classes from KS3 were learning about Egypt in Cross Curriculum, and in particular mummies! They have completed works of art, dressed as pharaohs and tried toilet paper mummification. The highlight of this scheme of work was a trip to the British museum and participation in an Egyptian workshop, We hope you enjoy the photos.

Created: 5 Jan 18 11:41 | Last modified: 5 Jan 18 11:45


(153 images)

This years musical extravaganza took us back to old Agrabah and showed us " A whole new world". Everyone acted, sang and signed spectacularly. As the photos show, it was truly amazing.

Created: 18 Jul 17 07:52 | Last modified: 18 Jul 17 11:33

The South Bank Centre

(43 images)

Last week Victoria Class visited The South Bank Centre. While there we joined in with songs & rhymes in the poetry corner, led by Lorraine and Mia. We then had a Gamelan session led by John. Gamelan are musical instruments from Indonesia. The students had a great time!

Created: 10 Jul 17 14:41 | Last modified: 11 Jul 17 09:13

The Jack Petchey Award Ceremony

(9 images)

This week our some of our young people attended a ceremony to collect their achievement awards from the Jack Petchey Foundation. There was also an award for leadership presented to Michelle Nolan. The winners of the awards were chosen by their peers and staff . They received a framed certificate, a badge and a grant to be spent on something of their choice to benefit the school.

Created: 29 Jun 17 07:18 | Last modified: 29 Jun 17 07:19

A first for TMTS!

(105 images)

TMTS has had it's first residential trip. Students from TMTS were invited to stay by the Arundel Castle Cricket Foundation in West Sussex. There was a visit to the seaside(Littlehampton), a tour of the castle and grounds, camp fire food and fun and of course some cricket! As you can see from the photos, everyone had a wonderful time and can't wait to do it again.

Created: 19 Jun 17 07:40 | Last modified: 19 Jun 17 07:47

Circle class have been enjoying maths!

(23 images)

The class visited Blackfriars beach on the river Thames as part of the "maths at the seaside" scheme of work. The students travelled by public transport and stopped for lunch at a riverside pub. Lots of learning and fun was had by all.

Created: 22 May 17 07:17 | Last modified: 22 May 17 07:22


(28 images)

The students at TMTS have been trying out BMX cycling at the school. Soon they will get to cycle at the Herne Hill velodrome.

Created: 19 May 17 07:22 | Last modified: 19 May 17 07:24

Greenwich Peninsula Ecology Park

(38 images)

This week Victoria class visited an ecology park on the Greenwich peninsula. The park is made up of four acres of freshwater habitat and is home to a fascinating array of wildlife. Our guide for the day was a very nice and knowledgeable man named Tony. Everybody really enjoyed their day.

Created: 30 Mar 17 07:32 | Last modified: 30 Mar 17 07:58

Red Nose Day

(33 images)

On Friday 24th March our school had raised money for Red Nose Day. We had fun races and a bake sale. Everybody had a great time.

Created: 28 Mar 17 07:59 | Last modified: 28 Mar 17 08:02

Science week

(29 images)

During our recent science week we were visited by "Animal Magic". Our students loved all our animal visitors - from fluffy and cute to scaly and slithery.

Created: 1 Mar 17 07:27 | Last modified: 1 Mar 17 07:41

Family yoga taster

(68 images)

As part of our weekly coffee mornings, our parents were invited to a family yoga taster.

Created: 6 Feb 17 07:06 | Last modified: 6 Feb 17 07:28


(20 images)

As a festive treat the whole school visited the Medicinema at St Thomas' hospital. They travelled there on a Routemaster bus which was very exciting. They saw the latest Disney animation film "Moana". Everyone gave it a thumbs up!

Created: 6 Jan 17 09:36 | Last modified: 6 Jan 17 13:13

Christmas week

(36 images)

Christmas week was very busy and exciting for everyone. With musical performances, Christmas lunch, discos and Christmas jumper day. Here are a few of the highlights .

Created: 6 Jan 17 09:56 | Last modified: 6 Jan 17 09:59

TMTS Winter Fair

(35 images)

This week we held our Winter Fair. All the students worked really hard creating products to sell. It was a great success. Many thanks to all the families, friends and Father Christmas who came to support us.

Created: 15 Dec 16 07:33 | Last modified: 15 Dec 16 12:32

“For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo.”

(73 images)

Definitely no woe here! Some of the young people at TMTS recently performed Romeo and Juliet at the Shaw Theatre London. This was as part of The Shakespeare Schools Festival. The Students were absolutely wonderful. Encore! Encore!

Created: 9 Dec 16 07:01 | Last modified: 9 Dec 16 07:35


(8 images)

Students from TMTS took part in the South East London Swimming Panathlon. Winning gold means the team will represent South East London in the London Finals in the Olympic Park in March 2017!

Created: 8 Dec 16 11:18 | Last modified: 8 Dec 16 11:24

Visual impaired cricket

(15 images)

Yesterday some of our students visited The Oval cricket ground. They joined other young people and adults with visual impairments, for a day of cricket fun.

Created: 8 Dec 16 07:40 | Last modified: 8 Dec 16 07:41

Victoria class

(26 images)

This week the students of Victoria class travelled on the school minibus to St. John The Evangelist church at Blackheath. While there they participated in an interactive nativity play, dressing as shepherds and kings and visiting the animals in the stable.

Created: 2 Dec 16 13:26 | Last modified: 2 Dec 16 13:28

TfL Bus safety session

(19 images)

This week Piccadilly class participated in a bus safety session. There were police and actors performing scenarios that could occur while our students are travelling with an aim to help our young people avoid dangerous situations.

Created: 2 Dec 16 07:14 | Last modified: 2 Dec 16 07:16

Bank of England Museum

(41 images)

A group of students from our school visited the Bank of England museum.

Created: 29 Nov 16 07:25 | Last modified: 29 Nov 16 07:45

Tate Modern

(28 images)

A group of Michael Tippett students visited Tate Modern to attend an art workshop. They looked at light and colour and made their own kinetic sculpture.

Created: 28 Nov 16 12:23 | Last modified: 28 Nov 16 12:25

Tree Planting

(13 images)

Heathrow class recently visited Ruskin Park and helped a lady named Jess to plant a new tree there. The tree was a Tilia henryana, commonly known as Henry's lime.

Created: 23 Nov 16 07:20 | Last modified: 23 Nov 16 07:21

Jessop Primary School and TMTS cooking class

(10 images)

TMTS welcomed a group of Year 5 pupils in to share our kitchen and make biscuits together. All students agreed it was great to make new friends!

Created: 18 Nov 16 11:43 | Last modified: 18 Nov 16 11:45

Working in the cafe

(5 images)

Here you can see one of our students enjoying taking orders, making and serving parents and staff in our cafe.

Created: 14 Nov 16 12:11 | Last modified: 14 Nov 16 12:12

PMLD curriculum

(31 images)

Our PMLD students work in a variety of exciting ways to meet their range of unique needs. Take a look at some of what our curriculum has to offer.

Created: 14 Nov 16 07:37 | Last modified: 14 Nov 16 08:12


(42 images)

Students have been working on mark making using a cardboard edge and paint.

Created: 10 Nov 16 07:47 | Last modified: 11 Nov 16 11:19

Art Enterprise

(21 images)

We are making different items to sell at the winter fair.

Created: 11 Nov 16 10:57 | Last modified: 11 Nov 16 11:02

Post 16

(33 images)

here is just a taster of different elements of our Post-16 Curriculum

Created: 11 Nov 16 10:21 | Last modified: 11 Nov 16 10:56

Black History Month

(23 images)

On the 14th October 2016 we celebrated Black History Month. There was a fashion show, presentations, food tasting and dancing. Everybody had a great time.

Created: 1 Nov 16 07:03 | Last modified: 1 Nov 16 07:12

Lion King

(28 images)

The whole TMTS community came together to perform and watch an amazing summer show.

Created: 5 Oct 16 08:03 | Last modified: 31 Oct 16 15:13

Sensory Gardening

(16 images)

We have been lucky enough to have some amazing gardeners visiting us! Take a look at our students enjoying nature through their senses.

Created: 12 Oct 16 14:31 | Last modified: 21 Oct 16 14:14

Mrs Armitage and the big wave

(7 images)

The students and staff enjoyed the performance of the book by Quentin Blake.

Created: 21 Oct 16 07:46 | Last modified: 21 Oct 16 07:50

Some of the best moments of 2015/16

(18 images)

What a packed year it was! Have a look over some of the favorite moments from the academic year of 2015/16

Created: 7 Jul 16 10:04 | Last modified: 20 Oct 16 13:52

McMillian Coffee Morning!

(20 images)

The whole school came together to sell and buy cakes for McMillian. Pupils sold to members of the community as well as parents and carers.

Created: 6 Oct 16 13:59 | Last modified: 6 Oct 16 14:13

Wheels for Wellbeing

(14 images)

TMTS pupils went all the way to Croyden to visit Wheels for Wellbeing and had an an amazing day cycling around the track.

Created: 5 Oct 16 10:17 | Last modified: 5 Oct 16 10:28

British Museum trip

(14 images)

Some TMTS pupils enjoyed a trip to the British Museum.

Created: 5 Oct 16 09:53 | Last modified: 5 Oct 16 10:01


(22 images)

Some of our students have been learning all about mechanics, see what they have been up to!

Created: 5 Oct 16 09:39 | Last modified: 5 Oct 16 09:41

Fire Brigade

(33 images)

Pupils and staff enjoyed a visit from Lambeth Fire Brigade.

Created: 5 Oct 16 09:30 | Last modified: 5 Oct 16 09:33

Science week

(14 images)

Science week came round and we turned Masterchef! we learnt all about solids, liquids, changing states and lots more...

Created: 5 Oct 16 07:55 | Last modified: 5 Oct 16 08:00


(10 images)

On a hot and sunny day in July pupils from TMTS took part in a cricket competition at the Oval.

Created: 5 Oct 16 07:42 | Last modified: 5 Oct 16 07:50