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At The Michael Tippett School students receive individualised support. Our resources are focused on enabling students to learn and minimising what are known as “barriers to learning”.

As a standard, classes have a high staff/student ratio so that those students who need it receive appropriate support. Support staff focus on the following types of support; educational, communication, medical and behavioural. A number of systems and resources are in place to ensure students learn in an environment best suited to their needs and preferences.

Communication Support

Students use several types of communication systems and tools; makaton signing, speech, PECS, symbols, objects of reference and touch cues are all featured at TMTS; every student has a communication passport.

We use lots of communication resources and specialist ICT equipment. Speech and Language Therapists work with students according to clinical need.

Medical Support

Medical needs are supported by school staff working in partnership with a number of health professionals. A range of physiotherapy, occupational therapy and eating/drinking programmes are delivered and monitored. Many students have epilepsy. Some students have medical syndromes which impact on learning.

Behaviour Support

TMTS has designed its provision to support all types of student behaviour. Our emphasis is on prevention, de-escalation and providing a positive, nurturing environment. Our behaviour support is interlinked with our approach to communication support.

Different classes are designed to promote learning using the strategies best suited to specific learning styles. This has a significant impact in supporting behaviours linked to learning.

In addition, we use SSTS training alongside  Team-Teach to provide a framework for positive behaviour support, with three in-house tutors to implement this. Some students receive music therapy each week.