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 Careers programme

At TMTC we think that in order to support our students in the best way possible we must provide our students with quality advice and guidance. 

TMTC has been an active member of a Lambeth Career cluster  and continues to work with other schools in the borough as part of the Alumni cluster. Our students have benefited in many ways from being part of the cluster with  events, work experiences, meetings with employers  or coaching.  As part of the cluster, our college has worked towards the Quality in Careers Standard Full award through the Investors in Careers awarding body. This is designed as a development tool to help raise standards and recognise excellence in careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG). It consists of 3 stages and we can proudly say that we hold the Full award.  You can have a look at the report for Stage 3 in this link.












Natasha Wood is our Careers Leader and works closely with the rest of the SLT to ensure a careers strategy is implemented across the whole institution. His contact details are email: natasha@tmtc.org.uk and telephone 02073265890.

Employment and Independent living are the two main outcomes of our curriculum. Our students go out into work placements, have meetings with employers and visit events about training opportunities and further education courses. We hold parent forums to inform them in addition to the annual reviews. We use inset days to train staff about the careers programme, they have also learnt specific skills like looking for Labour Market Information. Our careers strategy is available on this website under Policies and Plans.

We use the Compass benchmark tool and the Careers Development Institute framework audit for SEND provision to assess the quality of our practice internally and  through the Quality in Careers Standard award externally.

The careers whole careers programme has been recently reviewed and can be found under Plans and Policies.

Events and local offer

ERIC FEST .  December 2nd 2018 Vauxhall

Destinations Fair . Thursday 4th July 2019. Lambeth College.