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Bursary Fund

The Education and Skills Funding Agency has made a small allocation of bursary funds to TMTC to provide financial support to help students overcome specific barriers to participation, so they can remain in education.

Applications are open to students who are aged 19 to 24, on 31 August in the year they are starting their programme with TMTC.  The funds can help with the costs of travel, books, equipment and uniform for work placements, where these areas relate to their study programmes.

Completed applications and supporting information are considered by a panel at TMTC.  The application form and criteria can be found here.

If you require any further information, or have questions about your application, please contact the college on 0207 326 5890.  If you would prefer, you can request that an application form is posted to you.

Email:  contact@tmtc.org.uk

There is also a guide for students which can be found on the government’s website as follows: https://www.gov.uk/1619-bursary-fund


Any enquiries should be emailed to contact@tmtc.org.uk  or telephone the college on 0207 326 5890.